Textes :

"Tous droits réservés par Yann Lecourt (auteur) et par
Xavier Petitpas (compositeur)."

01 – Silent Jaws :
(Titre instrumental)
02 – Cleaning :
Dust on the floor, grease coats my lobes
I wash my scars at the drive-in
Megrim of teeth, cleaning within
Chinch meoisis, out of kilter
Soniferous, scorched black(berry)
I grind your teeth, but in your smile
I hide my car, rhinoceros
My eyes are smeling me
A look on the veins
Highway of ideas
Flooded in my hands
I wash my scars, no-one plug in
Painful inside, cleaning within
Chinch meiosis, stagger the north
Ionization, scorched blackberry
I scrape your teeth, but in your smile
Nothing but lies, orogeny ...